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Mmm Whatcha Say? Wha-wha-what Did She Say?

What DID she say, anyway? Hi Columbus! It's me, your 614 Adventure Architect, welcome to our 614 Interesting Things To Do blog! We're always looking for interesting things to do, or turning our own ideas into events. Luckily, Columbus is a wonderful canvas for funky fun. Each week, we'll share an interesting thing to do that we're either producing or promoting, and give you some of the reasons we think it's worth trying! We'll share real experiences, pictures, and of course

The Food Will Be Out of Sight!

Can you imagine eating a meal completely void of sight? You'll basically have to... It's obvious that this is an interesting way to share a meal, but more importantly, it's a rare and memorable social experience that you can't have anywhere else. Without spoiling anything, I'll give you a peak into the fun that awaits you on this culinary adventure... Dining in the Dark Our official first 614 Interesting Thing To DO spotlight. I saw this concept in NY a few years ago, and my

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