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Columbus, Ohio

Dining in the Dark

Can you imagine eating a meal completely void of sight?
You'll basically have to...

Imagine a CULINARY ADVENTURE IN THE DARK, a one-of-a-kind sensory experience that will bring you fully present in the moment, allowing you to connect with food and to those around you, in an unfamiliar, emotionally powerful way.

It’s an out-of-sight, progressive pop-up experience for the adventure-laden, foodies of Columbus.

This is a periodic pop-up for us and always a crowd pleaser! 

Host your own Dining in the Dark event

We also produce a select number of private functions. Click here for details and learn more about hosting your own culinary adventure. 


Next Dining in the Dark Event Dates:
Friday, November 1st & Saturday, November 2nd

Get tickets!

Pink Slip Party

It's time to party like you're unemployed

Job seekers and employers will have a unique opportunity to mix and mingle in a casual, upbeat atmosphere, sporting colored glow bracelets to help them maximize the room, allowing effective, yet organic conversations to happen


Food, beverages and entertainment will be the backdrop of your future connections

Next Event Date: TBA

Networking Event: Food Service Professionals
If you are an employer looking for talent, or searching for your next professional endeavor, contact us for details

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