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Our events reflect our
playful personalities
and our concepts are brought to life by a collective of creatives who assemble organically, and plug into ideas when hearts, minds, and calendars collide.
Illustrating our ideas, and nurturing our
IMAGINATIONs, is where we find purpose
Shilah Griffeth - Principal Adventure Architect

Shilah is the       in Griffeth Events, literally! 


Shilah combined a lifelong passion for bringing people together, with her incurable entrepreneurial spirit, to form Griffeth Events, and has been bringing ideas to life in Columbus for over 10 years now.  Event conception, promotion, staffing, customer relations, marketing, branding, and execution of ideas, are a few of the skills she’s honed along the way.


Shilah has an intuitive knack for connecting with just about anyone, and superpower interpersonal skills that she leverages to create community wherever she goes.

You will find her Clark Kent’ing it in the corporate world during waking hours, but you will get to know her best, when you experience an idea that she turns into an interesting thing to do.


"I care about the human experience.

Yours and mine."

Paige Walters – Event Management & Staffing Coordination


In a wildly risky, successful scientific experiment, our team, and the world became a better place…

Paige has been managing events since before she could legally be paid, and she continues to develop her event production talents as time and experiences unfold. Paige has the spirit of a millennial, and the ethic of a boomer, and when she's not facilitating adventures, she's teaching elementary school, wrangling dogs, and nurturing her social life.  

You will find Paige at any event, but you never know what part she might be playing. Paige is a superstar, turn-key team player, and true asset to the team.


"FOMO is not a fear for the ones who create the fun."

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