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The Food Will Be Out of Sight!

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Can you imagine eating a meal completely void of sight? You'll basically have to...

You'll basically have to...
614 Dining in the Dark - November, 2017 @1400FoodLab

It's obvious that this is an interesting way to share a meal, but more importantly, it's a rare and memorable social experience that you can't have anywhere else. Without spoiling anything, I'll give you a peak into the fun that awaits you on this culinary adventure...

Dining in the Dark Our official first 614 Interesting Thing To DO spotlight.

I saw this concept in NY a few years ago, and my dream-weaver immediately activated. I thought, "This is just up my alley... weird, niche, unique, rare, and looks like it would be a blast to do AND to produce".

The Litmus Test We held a small dinner party and invited a few friends, some of them already knew each other, and some did not. We didn't tell them ahead of time about the twist of the evening, that they would be dining blindfolded, and the menu was also a secret. We obviously chose people we thought represented our ideal audience, and luckily they agreed to help us test our concept. We needed to see...

  1. If it would be possible to blindfold a group of people, lead them into a dining area, and seat them;

  2. How difficult it would be to eat in the dark; or better yet

  3. Serve food in the dark! Yes, the dark dining experience is dark for everyone!

With our lessons learned and enthusiastic encouragement from our participants (who by the way, were all friends by the end of the meal), we turned it into something interesting to do in the 614. And...

On Valentine's Day, 2019, we are hosting our 3rd Dining in the Dark event, following two, well-received sell-outs.

50 Shades of Fun There are so many components of this experience to appreciate; it's both an exciting rush of uncertainty, but also has a centering, holistic aspect of being completely present for an entire meal, with another person, or people. We started with a totally unique concept, and then we baked it with thoughtful and creative intentions of making this a night of pleasant surprises.

Think about how darkness will alter the way in which you relate to those around you. Allowing you to fully concentrate on the taste and aroma of food and drink; and the sounds and reverberations of voices, familiar and not.

The dining space is also a mystery, so you won't have the ability to form any conclusions, you'll have to build your picture from scratch, with only the details you experience.

OK, that's all you get. Buy a ticket and do something interesting with your Valentine's Day. We'll be there, with 60 of our friends.

Thanks for stopping by. Leave us a comment, share with your peeps, do what you do.

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